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  Certificete of registration of a Russian entity with a tax authority at its location in the Russian Federation

Industry  development and modernization bank (Joint-Stock Company) is established on 12.11.1993.

The Bank has the Basic License of the Bank of Russia № 2574 dated 12.11.2020, for execution of the following transactions in rubles and foreign currency:

  • attraction of money of individuals and legal entities into deposits;
  • placement of money of individuals and legal entities attracted into deposits on its behalf and at its expense;
  • opening and maintenance of bank accounts of individuals and legal entities;
  • execution of settlements by order of individuals and legal entities, including authorized correspondent banks and foreign banks, on their bank accounts;
  • collection of money, bills, payment and settlement documents and cash service of individuals and legal entities;
  • purchase and sale of foreign currency in cash and cashless form;
  • issue of bank guarantees;
  • execution of transfers of money by order of individuals without opening of bank accounts.

The Bank is a participant of the System of compulsory insurance of deposits of individuals (Certificate № 646 dated 17.02.2005).

The Bank also has licenses of a professional participant of the securities market, issued by the Federal Service for Financial Markets and authorizing to be engaged in the following activities:

  • License № 045-07197-100000 dated 09.12.2003 - broker activity;
  • License № 045-07210-010000 dated 09.12.2003 - dealer activity;

Bank IDM (JSC) is a member of the National Association of Participants of the Stock Market.

Address of the Central Office of the Bank -  123557, Moscow, Klimashkina str., h.21., bldg.1.

 Contact telephone: + 7(495) 737-86-43/44; 7 (499) 967-86-44

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